Sleep Room Mist

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Lie back, relax and allow everything to wash over you as you drift effortlessly over the horizon. The peace and tranquillity of our all-natural Sleep room mist allows you to recover and re-energise naturally. There are no shortcuts or instant fixes, just a deep, restful sense of calm that allows you to get away from it all. All that’s left is to decide where you want to be when you drift off.

• All of our mists diffuse at an extremely high particle level, allowing your scent to float farther for longer • A soothing scent that allows you to escape the here and now

• Made with love from Calming Vanilla Musk, Lemon, Soothing Lavender and a natural hint of Tress Moss

• Treat your senses to an experience that boosts your sleep quality

• Free from paraffin, synthetics and all toxic ingredients for a sustainable room mist that’s made with love and care in mind

• 100ml - giving you over a thousand sprays of loveliness Sleep has been scientifically blended to harness the benefits of its natural fragrances.

Some key benefits of these scents include:

• Vanilla is widely accepted as a scent that has a positive calming effect and reduces human arousal, making it a 'go-to' scent for sleep.

• Lavender - there have been numerous scientific studies conducted on one of the most popular natural sleep remedies known. Proven to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as studies in the US citing its aiding of relief from anxiety and depression.