45% Uganda Milk Chocolate

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Our 45% Uganda Milk Chocolate, sourced from York Cocoa Works, is a rich and caramely 45% chocolate hand crafted using cocoa beans sourced from the Rwenzori Mountain Range in Uganda together with rich whole cream milk powder combined with Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla to give a rich caramel balance. 

Our Small 70g Chocolate Bars are perfect to discover the flavours of the York Cocoa Works Chocolate Manufactory or just have that ideal chocolate treat on hand just when you need it. 

York Cocoa Works is a working, learning chocolate factory where visitors can see, eat and craft their very own chocolate using rare and flavourful cocoa beans sourced from farms and communities around the world. With the whole production process fully observable the company celebrate the origins of their ingredients and have a passion for reigniting the lost art of chocolate making in York. 

Cocoa Solids: 45% Milk Solids: 20% Product Weight: 70g

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Beans, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Rapeseed Lecithin, Vanilla

*This item has a best before date of 27 July 2022*