Sleep Essential Oil Blend

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Taking the time to rest, relax and recover is what allows you to enjoy more of what life has to offer. The only problem is that at the end of a long day, that can be a little easier said than done. Inspired by the life-changing benefits of the natural world, we went in search of a combination of scents and aromas that would allow anyone to drift away easily. The result was Sleep, an all-natural essential oil that brings your mind and body together as one so you can drift off, and sink into a restful deep sleep.

• A natural soother that connects mind and body as you discover true relaxation

• Made with love from Calming Vanilla Musk, hints of Lemon, Soothing Lavender and a natural hint of Tress Moss

• An ethically sourced essential oil blend designed to reconnect you with nature, effortlessly • Free from paraffin and toxic ingredients for a sustainable essential oil blend that soothes your senses as you drift away and relax

• Made in Harrogate

• Pure essential oil blend with botanical Extracts and natural fragrances • Suitable for use with our Aroma Diffuser Pods

• 10ml - giving you over 180 drops of sleep-inducing loveliness

Sleep has been scientifically blended to harness the benefits of its natural fragrances. Some key benefits of these scents include:

• Vanilla is widely accepted as a scent that has a positive calming effect and reduces human arousal, making it a 'go-to' scent for sleep.

• Lavender - there have been numerous scientific studies conducted on one of the most popular natural sleep remedies known. Proven to reduce blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate, as well as studies in the US citing its aiding of relief from anxiety and depression.