Sleep-Easy Face & Pillow Mist

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Sleep-Easy is a botanical sensory facial mist to soothe and settle the senses and help you find the perfect night’s sleep. The mist is made using a balanced blend of soothing essential oils and homemade flower waters including lavender, petitgrain and chamomile to help your body relax and quieten as you drift into an easy sleep. 

The facial mist comes in a 50ml bottle, easy to pop in your bag so you can have it with you at all times. Keep this mist by your bed. Once you have settled in bed and ready to find sleep, hold the bottle 30cm from your face, spray liberally over your face and pillow and sheets and inhale deeply. Exhale and feel the calm wash over you. Add to your wrists for an extra sensual boost.

Ingredients: Home-made Lavender flower water, Witch hazel (to help naturally preserve the mist), Lavender essential oil, Petitgrain essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Geranium essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Roman Chamomile essential oil

Hand-blended in small batches using traditional methods, Blooming Blends have channelled nature’s magic with a sprinkling of plant power, to create everyday formulas to support and strengthen the mind, body and soul.

Blooming Blends was created by Fleur Sladen, a former cook with a passion for herbs
and botanicals and their strengthening, healing properties.
After long hours working in the kitchen and needing a strengthening uplift, Fleur struggled to find readily available natural, balancing boosters that were as easy to use as they were effective so decided to produce her own unique range of boosting blends formulated to uplift and balance our every day.