So starting a new business is stressful, right?

This year has been one of massive change for me. My husband sold his business, I lost my dad and I gave up my stressful (allegedly part time, but in reality very, very full time) job as a solicitor for a large global law firm. And I started a new (this time properly part time) job, still working as a solicitor - but from home and (theoretically) in a much less pressured environment. Oh, and COVID-19. You may have heard of that too?!

So, why on earth against all of that would I want to start my own business? Well, lots of reasons, the most appealing of which was creating something of my very own (not sure kids count?!), something from which I saw the benefit, rather than some random 50-something bloke in a suit living 200 miles away. And which also enables me to put into practice all the life lessons I have learned over the years (I may be a shade over 40). 

I am being realistic; this is not going to make me rich. I am sure there will be days when I will wonder why I ever thought it was a good idea. And stress? Yes, I am sure there will be plenty of that too. But at least it will be my stress and not someone else's imposed upon me. It's about the journey, not the destination.

And this business is something about which I am truly passionate and have personal experience. There have been days at work when I have been so stressed I could barely speak (or could only shout very loudly), nights when I couldn't sleep, or woke at 3am fretting about a letter I sent 6 months previously. But also missed being able to help my daughter with her homework (actually, scratch that, that may have been one of the major benefits of working late), never managed to be able to enjoy just sitting in the garden at home, cancelled evening plans with friends (meeting up with friends, and perhaps even more than 6 of them at a time, what's that I hear you ask?). 

I realise leaving that job behind was a big step (and believe me I wondered at the time if I was doing the right thing, Stockholm Syndrome is real) and not always an option. And whilst it was still my life I searched for tools to equip myself, my ammunition if you will, to help me deal with the challenges it threw at me. And that is the thinking behind my new business; be it an essential oil, a candle or a beautiful print, and all sourced from small independent business, who are looking to create their dreams, the same as me. 

I am also indulging myself with a spot of writing. I've always loved to write and it's good to speak from the heart rather than about derivative mis-selling (don't ask!). So please indulge me with my new blog too  - and be kind!

Love to you all xx

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